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Wide Area Networking has Evolved

The network space is in the middle of a huge change. The network is now making its way through all levels of the stack, from infrastructure to applications.


Legacy network technologies that are accompanied with traditional perimeter-based security solutions are not designed and no longer enough for todays, hybrid business models, edge, and hybrid/multi-cloud computing,  IIoT and Security needs.


SNaaSi ( Secure Network-as-a-Service over the Internet) takes an entirely innovative approach to securing and networking applications in the cloud, simultaneously solving the performance and security problems that plague traditional solutions.

SNaaSi is Future Ready, Zero Trust, Programmable Application Networking that's Secure, Simple, Fast, Flexible and Performant.


Multi Cloud Zero Trust Networking 

Edge and iOT.png

Secure Edge and IoT/IIoT


Zero Trust
for Developers


For NetOps
and DevOps


  • 50% Cost reduction in comparison with legacy Network Technologies.

  • Agile "XaaS" Purchase model.

  • No Need for Expensive Direct Connects PoP's are Native to all Clouds.

  • Perfect for hybrid/Cloud/MultiCloud approaches.

  • TCP apps get at least 200% better performance than on VPN's

  • Extremely Agile, Private Networks can be spun up in 20 minutes.

  • No need to provision to peak capacity. SNaaSI is extremely agile flex up and down as needed.

  • SNaaSI provides global connectivity (160+ PoP's). 

  • SNaaSI is a 100% software, end to end WAN that can either augment existing Network technologies or simply replace.

  • All that is needed is Internet access., everything else is secured, provisioned and controlled as an overlay.


Zero Trust

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is widely regarded as a replacement to VPN's  which have been made insecure by modern attack vectors. SNaaSI offers a 4-layer security model.

Layer 1 - No Data Plane. SNaaSI does not permit access to any data until it has been securely identified.

Layer 2 - Dark to the internet. SNaaSI blocks all externally - originated connection attempts from outside the private authenticated network.

Layer 3 -"Least Privileged" access. This makes the solution ideal for contractors, suppliers, channel partners, brokerages, brokers. They only get access to specified apps.

Layer 4 - Security Integrations. SNaaSI enables you to to leverage existing  security solutions like ID, DPI, CASB or SWG by routing data flows giving you a single control point as opposed to dealing with VPN sprawl on your firewalls.

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